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A Secure Fast Handoff Scheme With Attribute-based Access Control for Secure Enterprise WLAN

Because of its flexibility and convenience, WLAN has been an essential technology for enterprise Network. It becomes a heated issue to improve the performance of handoff process in public communication, but few works aimed to secure access control when a handoff occurs, which is crucial to data privacy protection, especially in secure communication or Data distributed storage system.

In this paper, we propose a novel handoff scheme which uses attribute-based encryption to realize security requirement oriented access control. Only the authorized mobile station which satisfies the access control policy made by the new domain can access into the new access point. With our scheme, each domain is able to make its own access control policy to avoid private data being illegally used by unauthorized users.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first secure handoff scheme equipped with security requirement oriented access control in handoff scheme. Security analysis shows that our scheme can effectively provide enterprise-level security. The experiment analysis indicates that the handoff process can be completed within 30ms, which is fast enough to support real time communication such as VoIP.
Source: IEEE
Authors: Meng Lv | Zhe Liu | Jianwei Liu | Qianhong Wu | Chengxiang Gong

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