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Log-selection Strategies in a Real-time System

This thesis presents and evaluates how to select the data to be logged in an embedded real-time system so as to be able to give confidence that it is possible to perform an accurate identification of the fault(s) that caused any runtime errors.

Several log-selection strategies were evaluated by injecting random faults into a simulated real-time system. An instrument was created to perform accurate detection and identification of these faults by evaluating log
data. The instrument’s output was compared to ground truth to determine the accuracy of the instrument.

Three strategies for selecting the log entries to keep in limited permanent memory were created. The strategies were evaluated using log data from the simulated real-time system. One of the log-selection strategies performed much better than the other two: it minimized processing time and stored the maximum amount of useful log data in the available storage space.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Gillström, Niklas

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