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College Parent Interaction using Android Application


In recent years the Android Technology with web services has brought many drastic changes in mobile application development field. The creation and management of accurate, up-to-date information regarding a student’s academic career is crucial for the colleges. Now-a-days the information to parents regarding their ward is provided through post cards, SMS or E-mail, but these techniques are very time consuming and lengthy.

Hence this application provides a solution through a simple interface for maintenance of student information and also helps parents to get detailed information regarding their ward such as attendance, fees due, marks, important notice, event details, etc. It also contain query message option for parents so that parents can interact with the college faculty through this application. It also facilitate parents to gain all the notifications about the activities held in the college. Each individual parent will be provided with the details of his/her ward only.


Fig. 2 System Architecture For SMS-based Student In formation

Fig.2 System Architecture For SMS-based Student In formation

  1. Parent request for some information about his or her ward through predefined number.
  2. Server maps that predefined number with Student Name.
  3. Server search the Student’s information which is requested by the parent.
  4. Server sends the Student Information to the requesting parent by SMS.


Fig. 4 College Staff Registration and login

Fig.4 College Staff Registration and login

This module will consist of registration of college user. Registration of college staff and student parents will be done by HOD from web panel. Only HOD has the right to create staff login and parents login. Staff member of college can login with the credentials which has been given to them.

Fig.6 Student Information Database

Fig.6 Student Information Database

Staff member has an option under their panel to enter the fees details about each and every student and also enter the attendance records so that parents can view their individual data. Staff member can push on notification to their students.

Fig 8: Parents query post

Fig 8: Parents query post

Parents also has an option to push forward any queries and can interact directly with HOD. Queries forwarded in the system will be under HOD panel and only HOD has the right to answer up parents query timely.



Activity 1: Admin deploys app on the college website. f(A)={W}

Fig 9: Activity 1

Fig 9: Activity 1

Activity 2: Student takes admission in college. f(S)={C}

Fig 10: Activity 2

Fig 10: Activity 2

Activity 3: Parents fill registration form and submit it to admin. f(P)={A}

Fig 11: Activity 3

Fig 11: Activity 3

Activity 4: Admin update student information on college server. f(A)={SR}

Fig 12: Activity 4

Fig 12: Activity 4


This application in automating the existing manual system. This is a paperless work. It reduces man power required. It will provides accurate information always. All years together gathered information can be saved and can be accessed using application at any time. This System is essential in college. All the administrator, HOD, parents, faculty can get the required information without delay.

As this application is only made for the general purpose it can be generalize to big scale use such as in colleges, university and even distance education can be benefited from this application as this app can provide all related information according to the ward without direct contacting the staff. Features like video calls between the staff and parents can also be added to this application. In future we can also add the feature like paying the fees of the ward.

Source: Savitribai Phule Pune University
Authors: Pallavi Mohadikar | Nasrin Mulani | Afnan Shaikh | Rachna Sable

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