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Development of a Student Database Management System for a University in MySQL


In this scholarly thesis pertinent to the setting up of a automated student performance record management system which enables the users of a university like student and faculty to access the important information with ease through a user friendly web application. This proposed system aims at eliminating the practice of time consuming and vulnerable tradition of manual maintenance of student information in paper at the very basic level. In a university there are many departments all these departments provide various records regarding student.

Most of these track records need to maintain information about the students. Thus by proposing a computerizes student record management system will enable the users to access data at any time and any place. The student web portal enables huge storage of data and easy retrieval. There are many departments in a college thus but introducing a student web portal will centralize the administration and the entire system will work as one single entity. The paper work would be reduced and number of workers in each department staff also reduces as one single operator can run this web application.


Statement of Problem

In present system all work is done on papers manually. The attendance in the present system is maintained in register books. The semester marks and mid sectional exam marks are maintained in papers. The student cannot access his/her academic details at all time and moreover searching for his marks in those set of papers is a time consuming activity.

Objective of the model

  • The use of automated student database management system in place of papers.
  • Obtaining a college web portal should provide all data and upgrade data time to time which should also improves transparency.
  • The web portal should reduce the time consumption in assessing data.
  • One system operator will be enough for deploying and maintaining data thus reduces the number of workers in the office staff.


Fig 3.1 Agile Software Development Model (ASDM)

Fig 3.1 Agile Software Development Model (ASDM)

It is based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between cross – functional teams. It can be used with any type of the project, but it needs more involvement from customer and to be interactive. Also, it can be used when the customer needs to have some functional requirement ready. So this agile development is used with continuous focus on functional and non – functional requirement of the system and setting a logical and simplified solution to staff management problem and student accessibility problem.


Figure 4.1 The data flow diagram for the portal

Figure 4.1 The data flow diagram for the portal

The HTML is hypertext markup language which is used to add and arrange contents in our web page. The html file is structured as initially the document type is mentioned then in header tags the name of portal will be mentioned. The body tag will contain the content of the web page the image file or multi-media file is given as attachment and paragraph tags the description is given.


Home Page

This is the page displayed after the student logs into the portal.

Student Module

The student module gives access to data regarding student-i.e. student internal marks, semester marks and attendance.
For Attendance
Go to Student module > Mechanical > Attendance
For Mid marks
Go to Student module > Mechanical >Mid marks
For Semester marks
Go to Student module > Mechanical > Semester marks

Faculty module

The faculty modules provides information of each professor in the particular department. Go to faculty module > Mechanical department

Labs module

The labs modules give information of number of labs in that particular department
Go to labs module > Mechanical department

Contact module

Provides information of contact to the university authorities

Admin module

One of the major highlights of the portal is this module it gives the facility to edit and update data of other modules importantly the information on student module and information in faculty module.


The portal was designed for a very basic purpose for maintaining student data like–mid marks, semester grades, CGPA, SGPA, personal data, attendance and faculty data in a dynamic manner. The portal was programmed using simple and livid codes.The use of highly user friendly software like oracle 12c database, SQL developer for accessing the database and eclipse mars 2.0 integrated development environment helps in designing the portal with ease and in desired manner. The portal is embedded with a local server through the software Apache tomcat 8.0 with server port 8015 and connector port 8020; this enables the portal to work on intranet.

The portal used the following for enhancing its look and functionality-Hypertext markup language(HTML) was used for building web pages, JavaScript’s were used for programming web pages and Cascading style sheets(CSS) were used for styling the web page. The portal is provided with an admin login for updating the student and faculty information time to time. The portal eliminates the paper work which could lead to loss of data and data redundancy. The portal is enables its users to access, manage and update his/her data effectively and efficiently.

It allows for a centralized facility that can easily be modified and quickly shared among multiple users. Having a web based front end removes the requirement of users having to understand and use a database directly, and allows users to connect from anywhere with an internet connection and a basic web browser. It also allows the possibility of queries to obtain information for various surveys. Due to the many users reading and modifying student data in the department, it is an ideal use for such a system.


The following is just a sample of future opportunities that would help sustain the portal for undergraduates:-

1. One can upgrade this web portal to store subject video lectures under different professor names and also maintain the previous year’s question papers in it.

2. The portal can be used to take day to day attendance and automatically send an SMS to the students and their parent.

3. One can deploy this web application into mobile android application and be used in smaller devices like mobile phones, tablets and notepads.

4. In future web portal can be combined with the university internal and external web sites. So that all courses in the university will have single web app.

5. Students can directly fill a resume forum system will use artificial intelligence and sent the resume to companies as per student requirement and eligibility criteria.

6. The present system may be further upgraded in future even maintain the activities in hostel like hostel mess bill and attendance system even in hostels.

7. By using artificial intelligence the web portal may track the usage of Wi – Fi based on the students registered device.

Source: Andhra University
Authors: Dr. K.Venkata Subbiah | D.Dinesh | Ch Suresh

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