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Automatic Status Logger For a Gas Turbine

The Company Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery AB manufactures and launches in operation among other things gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, turn-key power plants and carries out service for components for heat and power production.

Siemens also performs research and development, marketing, sales and installations of turbines and completes power plants, service and refurbish.

Our thesis for the engineering degree is to develop an automatic status log which will be used as a tool to control how the status of the machine is before and after technical service at gas turbines. Operational disturbances will be registered in a structured way in order to get a good possibility to follow up the reliability of the application.

An automatic log function has been developed and will be activated at start, stop and shutdown of the turbine system. Log files are created automatically and get a name with the event type, the date and the time.

The files contain data as timestamp, name, measured values and units of the signals which are going to be analyzed by the support engineers. They can evaluate the cause of the problem using the log files.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Jonas, Susanne

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