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Construction of Provisioning System for IP-Telephony Boxes

The point of this project is to cover a gap in today’s supply of provisioning systems for VoIP endpoint devices. Today the norm is that every manufacturer of endpoints builds their own system to provision their endpoints, but most operators use a vast verity of products to meet their customers’ needs.

This system is based on open source software to allow adaptations to different environments and demands from customers and to require no license fee thus being affordable to the small size and midsized operators. This study is mainly an engineering type of thesis and the main bulk of the work has been put in developing the solution.

As the market for IP-telephony companies grows rapidly many new companies arise. Many of these companies need to configure the endpoint devices for every customer manually. This works good for a while but as the company grows the many devices will make the manual configuration very time consuming.

VoiceTech is one of those companies that starts to grow and need a way to automatically configure the devices. We decided to look more into this and found that there ware solutions to the problem, but those were very expensive and not an option for a small company. After some discussion we decided to develop a system that automatically can configure every device.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Jönsson, Emil

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