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A Correlation-Based Fingerprint Veri fication System

In this paper, a correlation-based fingerprint verification system is presented. Unlike the traditional minutiae-based systems, this system directly uses the richer gray-scale information of the fingerprints.

The correlation-based fingerprint verification system first selects appropriate templates in the primary fingerprint, uses template matching to locate them in the secondary print, and compares the template positions of both fingerprints.

Unlike minutiae-based systems, the correlation-based fingerprint verification system is capable of dealing with bad quality images from which no minutiae can be extracted reliably and with fingerprints that su er from non-uniform shape distortions.

Experiments have shown that the performance of this system at the moment is comparable to the performance of many other fingerprint verification systems.
Source: The Pennsylvania State University
Author: Asker M. Bazen, Gerben T.B. Verwaaijen, Sabih H. Gerez, Leo P.J. Veelenturf and Berend Jan van der Zwaag

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