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Energy Efficiency Gain of Cellular Base Stations with Large-Scale Antenna Systems for Green Information and Communication Technology


Due to the ever-increasing data demand of end users, the number of information and communication technology (ICT)-related devices and equipment continues to increase. This induces large amounts of heat emissions, which can cause serious Continue reading

A Novel Sensor based on a Single-Pixel Microwave Radiometer for Warm Object Counting: Concept Validation and IoT Perspectives


Controlled measurements by a low-cost single-pixel microwave radiometer operating at 12.65 GHz were carried out to assess the detection and counting capability for targets warmer than the surroundings. The adopted reference test targets were Continue reading

An Alternative Wearable Tracking System based on a Low-Power Wide-Area Network


This work presents an alternative wearable tracking system based on a low-power wide area network. A complete GPS receiver was integrated with a textile substrate, and the latitude and longitude coordinates were sent to the cloud by means of the Continue reading

First Results of Field Absolute Calibration of the GPS Receiver Antenna at Wuhan University


GNSS receiver antenna phase center variations (PCVs), which arise from the non-spherical phase response of GNSS signals have to be well corrected for high-precision GNSS applications. Without using a precise antenna phase center Continue reading

A CSRR-Fed SIW Cavity-Backed Fractal Patch Antenna for Wireless Energy Harvesting and Communication


This paper presents a novel compact dual-band and dual-polarized complementary split-ring resonator (CSRR)-fed substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity-backed fractal patch antenna for wireless energy harvesting and communication. The proposed Continue reading

A Double-Negative Metamaterial-Inspired Mobile Wireless Antenna for Electromagnetic Absorption Reduction


A double-negative metamaterial-inspired antenna is presented for mobile wireless applications. The antenna consists of a semi-circular radia ting patch and a 3 × 4 hexagonal shaped metamaterial unit cell array in the ground plane. The antenna is Continue reading