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Implementation of FPGA-based Charge Control for a Self-Sufficient Solar Tracking Power Supply System


This study used a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) with a Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA to implement Reflex charge control in a dual-axis solar tracking system with maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The chaos embedded particle swarm optimization Continue reading

A Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Partial Fixed-Point Imaging System Using a Field-Programmable Gate Array—Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Hybrid Heterogeneous Parallel Acceleration Technique


With the development of satellite load technology and very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuit technology, onboard real-time synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging systems have become a solution for allowing rapid response to disasters. A key goal Continue reading

1-Ghz CMOS Analog Signal Squaring Circuit


In analog signal processing the squaring circuit represents the core for implementing an analog signal having a value representing the square of the input signal. For example, calculating the square of input signal is necessary in adaptive processing Continue reading

Modern Digital Chirp Receiver: Theory, Design and System Integration


Chirp signals can achieve a high range resolution without sacrificing SNR or maximum range, making them a strong candidate for use in radar and sonar applications. Chirp signals are also power efficient and resistant to interference, making them well Continue reading

A Structured ASIC Approach to a Radiation Hardened by Design Digital Single Side band Modulator for Digital Radio Frequency Memories


Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFM) are widely used as modules in digital signal processing. These modules can provide several forms of signal manipulation and storage capabilities. With single event effects caused by environmental radiation the Continue reading