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A New Metasurface Superstrate Structure for Antenna Performance Enhancement


A new metasurface superstrate structure (MSS)-loaded dual band microstrip line-fed small patch antenna is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna was designed on a ceramic-filled bioplastic sandwich substrate with a high dielectric constant. Continue reading

A Compact Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna for WSN Applications


A compact annular ring microstrip antenna was proposed for a wireless sensor network (WSN) application in the 2.4 GHz band. In this paper the major considerations of the conformal antenna design were the compact size and the impact on Continue reading

Microstrip Patch Antenna Assisted Compact Dual Band Planar Crossover


In Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits, crossovers maintain signal purity when transmission lines overlap with each other. A simple crossover for dual band applications, particularly suitable for the development of smart antennas, is presented in this Continue reading

Transformation from a Single Antenna to a Series Array Using Push/Pull Origami


We propose a push/pull origami antenna, transformable between a single antenna element and a three-element array. In limited space, the proposed origami antenna can work as a single antenna. When the space is not limited and a higher gain is required, Continue reading

A Double-Negative Metamaterial-Inspired Mobile Wireless Antenna for Electromagnetic Absorption Reduction


A double-negative metamaterial-inspired antenna is presented for mobile wireless applications. The antenna consists of a semi-circular radia ting patch and a 3 × 4 hexagonal shaped metamaterial unit cell array in the ground plane. The antenna is Continue reading