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BSMR: Byzantine-Resilient Secure Multicast Routing in Multi-hop Wireless Networks


Multi-hop wireless networks rely on node cooperation to provide unicast and multicast services. The multi-hop communication offers increased coverage for such services, but also makes them more vulnerable to insider (or Byzantine) attacks coming Continue reading

A Network-Aware Distributed Membership Protocol for Collaborative Defense


To counteract current trends in network malware, distributed solutions have been developed that harness the power of collaborative end-host sensors. While these systems greatly increase the ability to defend against attack, this comes at the cost Continue reading

Bluetooth-base Worm Modeling And Simulation


Bluetooth is one of the most popular technologies in the world in the new century. Meanwhile it attracts attackers to develop new worm and malicious code attacking Bluetooth wireless network. So far the growth of mobile malicious code is very fast Continue reading