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SQMSA : Student Query Management System in Android


Student Query Management System (SQMS) is to create an application that can provide query management system through android mobile phones. Student Query Management System android application tracks all the difficulties of a student from the day one to the end of his course which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking enrollment, progress in the course, completed semesters years, final exam query and all these will be available for future reference too.

We are proposing the android application that will help to students as well as to teacher. In this application student login is designed such as they can ask difficulties or queries of any subject at any time to any teacher staff and can get the reply from them as possible. As teacher staff there will be reduce in manual work they can easily upload the exam time table and respective subjects notes also notices.


The Student query management system proposed by Apte sir. Mitchell, 1993 – Schooling was perceived as the key to success for individuals and to the excellence of society. In England and Wales 1870 – 76 for free and compulsory education. Ednexa aims to bring complete coaching activity online. Features we provide currently are a testament to this fact.


Figure 1: Implementation of Student Query Management System

Figure 1: Implementation of Student Query Management System

  • Improve the academic administration processes leaving more time to concentrate on our core activities of teaching, learning and research.
  • We propose and implement a new and realistic system for student’s as well as for teacher’s as through this system students can ask queries at any time and get quick replay from teachers. Teacher can upload assignments, notes and updating about extra lectures, exam time table and notices also. This will reduce the manual work as well as paper work.
  • Help to access the system to all necessary personnel.
  • Effective student query management. The simple design of Student Query Management System as shown in figure 1.


Figure 2: Administrator module

Figure 2: Administrator module

The administrator is responsible for entering the new student, promoting the student from one class to another class, from one semester to another and from one year to another. Managing the students account like any changes regarding to name, address etc. The administrator also manages the faculty accounts like entering a new faculty, assigning the faculty to the subjects. The administrator will check the all updates i.e., student updates, faculty updates, exam updates etc.

Figure 3: Teacher Module

Figure 3: Teacher Module

The teacher can update the information regarding the students query and any information regarding the subjects they handle. The teacher also gets the updates and notification from the exam session etc. in the forum.


This study is an initial exploration of how data captured by learning management systems can potentially be used by the academy for measuring, informing and improving student query, as well as for comparisons between LMS. Variables such as teacher participation, mathematical queries, notes and notices are identified as factors that influence student query management system and are factors that require further research before their influence on query management system can be fully understood. This study into student query management system has shown that while universities are not significantly utilizing captured learning management system data to make informed decision, it has the potential to become an additional resource that can be used to inform and improve student management. In future we can also provide study material, online test papers, student’s for various descriptive and competitive exams in India.

Source: IJARET
Authors: Mali Shital | Kulkarni Archana | Metkari Ashwini | Shendage Rupali

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