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Design and Implement of Database Student Information Management System in College of Medicine in C#.Net & SQL


There were a number of problems associated with adopted manual methods to manage student information in the Department of Student Affairs in the College of Medicine-University of Diyala, these followed regulations caused delay in the delivery of services to students, inaccuracies in the completion of tasks and so on. A new system designed and implemented by using the tools of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (.Net Framework Environment) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 to solve most of the problems and obstacles resulting from the use of the old methods and techniques.

The main work of the soft ware design process included requirements analysis, database description and logical structure design of the data. Database System test results show that the database system meets the requirements of each module with a graphical user interface and simple procedures. Student data can be updated by the administrator of the system efficiently, accurately in a short time and in a flexible manner. Finally concluded that adopted this new database student information management system helps to accomplish the tasks at high speed and accuracy, also helps the management of the college in speed of decision-making, which helps raise the level of performance of the college in general.


Figure 2.1 The DBMS

Figure 2.1 The DBMS

Database management system (DBMS) is a software system enables users to define, create, maintain and control access to the database. The DBMS is the software that interacts with the user’s application programs and the database, which carries on the integrated management of the data base resources and is responsible for all orders, send out by the users, as shown in the figure (2 .1).


Figure 3.2 UML use case diagram for admin roles

Figure 3.2 UML use case diagram for admin roles

As long as the student information management system is a windows application and not on the Internet, the system administrator (the system administrator is an employee of the DSA) holds all rights in the process of adding and modifying the information of the system. These amendments include, information adding, modifying and deleting on students’ information, in addition making modifications on course management that including, adding, modifying and deleting courses information also. Figure (3.2) shows the UML use case diagram for the system administrator roles.


Figure 4.1 Information system

Figure 4.1 Information system

Information systems contain information about important people, places and things within the organization or in the environment surrounding it. Information is a data that have been designed into a form that is meaningful and useful to human beings. Data, in contrast, are streams of raw facts re presenting events occurring in organizations or the physical environment before they have been organized into a form that people can understand and use. As shown in the figure (4.1).

Figure 4.19 Software and hardware requirements of the visual studio 2010

Figure 4.19 Software and hardware requirements of the visual studio 2010

In the following figure (4.19) illustrate the software and hardware requirements that needed to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 program.


In this thesis we have introduced a database management system for students in College of Medicine – University of Diyala. The main objective to design and carry out this system is to collect students’ data in one place and making various trans actions and modifications on it and retrieve this data according to the need of generating the report, this objective as well as the functions for which they were designed this system has been achieved. This system will transfer the work in this department from the manual to the computer – based system and is able to store huge data of the students, also enables the user to get access to data through a user – friendly interface. In addition, this system can promote the management of college to carry out its tasks high efficiently.

Student Information System can reduce time and effort required in the process of management students’ information, also the need for a large number of staff to carry out the functions of the DSA, where the management of this system needs to only one employee, furthermore it will help the administration of the college to speed decision – making, where this system has made it possible for the administration of the college to use real – time data when making decisions, which flows into the benefit of the college. The characteristics of this system are the answer for all the questions raised from the purpose of this study.

For further recommendations, linking Student Information Management System (SIMS) with the college’s website enable the student to directly access all aspects of his academic study through the online interface embedded on the college website. This online system can use a user authentication, where every student has a username and password to display his information and give requests online thus reducing time processing. Additionally, students can be involved in operations of updating and modifying his information, which leads to faster order fulfillment.

Source: University of Diyala
Author: Ihsan Alihassan Almehmes

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