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Online Course Registration System in JAVA

Online Course Registration System is a Web-based registration software that helps you to register courses online. It is ideal for adult schools, educational camps, corporate training programs, and online training programs.

Our online registration form allows you to submit your course preferences quickly and conveniently. Our mentored courses are designed for people who want to combine the convenience of online delivery with hand-marked assignments, personal support and feedback from expert instructors. The only constraint is that the course is offered only when there are a minimum number of people opting for it.

With online courses, you can learn on your own schedule and even continue working a full-time job in the meantime. And because all your materials will be in one place–in your computer–everything you need will be at your fingertips when it’s time to communicate with teachers or fellow students. Online courses are interactive, which means you will get feedback from your instructors and peers, and possibly even more individualized attention as well.

In our project, the student needs to register by giving the necessary details, for the desired course, and should also mention the mode of payment for the course. The student gives two choices and one among the two is provided to him based on the availability of mentors and on the number of students who have registered for that particular course.

Once the registration is done successfully, the student can avail the course. The student is given an user id and password using which he can login and use the online system. He will then be taught via video conferencing using which he can learn from any place (all he has to do is just login with his username and password). Additional informative materials are also provided to the student.

The mentors, on the other hand, can give options for the courses that they would like to handle. The mentors are paid. The registrar manages the students and the mentors who are registering. A database is maintained with the course catalogue, list of the students who have registered, details about the mentors and the progress of the students. The administrator maintains the database and ensures the efficient working of the designed system.

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