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Remote-Controlled Home Automation Systems with Different Network Technologies

This paper describes an investigation into the potential for remote controlled operation of home  automation systems. It considers problems with their implementation, discusses possible solutions through various network technologies and indicates how to optimize the use of such systems.

The home is an eternal, heterogeneous, distributed computing environment which certainly requires a careful study before developing any suitable Home Automation System (HAS) that will accomplish its requirements.

Nevertheless the latest attempts at introducing Home Automation Systems in actual homes for all kinds of users are starting to be successful thanks to the continuous standardization process that is lowering the prices and making devices more useful and easier to use for the end user.

Even so several important issues are always to be handled strictly before developing and installing a Home Automation System; factors like security, reliability, usefulness, robustness and price are critical to determine if the final product will accomplish the expected requirements.
Source: Glyndŵr University
Author: Armando Roy Delgado, Rich Picking and Vic Grout

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Remote-Controlled Home Automation Systems with Different Network Technologies” - One comment

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