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Secure Fingerprint Verification based on Image Processing Segmentation using Computational Geometry Algorithms

In this paper, fingerprint segmentation for secure Internet verification purposes is investigated. The novel application of computational geometry algorithms in the fingerprint segmentation stage showed that the extracted feature (characteristic polygon) may be used as a secure and accurate method for fingerprint-based verification over the Internet.

On the other hand the proposed method promisingly allows very small false acceptance and false rejection rates, as it is based on specific segmentation.

Biometry, as the science of studying mathematical or statistical properties in physiological and behavioural human characteristics, is widely used in forensic and non-forensic applications in security field such as remote computer access, access control to physical sites, transaction authorization etc. In this paper the problem of fingerprint verification via the Internet is investigated.

Specifically, the method that is used for the above purpose is based on a traditional finger scanning technique, involving the analysis of small unique marks of the finger image known as minutiae. Minutiae points are the ridge endings or bifurcations branches of the finger image.

The relative position of these minutiae is used for comparison, and according to empirical studies, two individuals will not have eight or more common minutiae. A typical live-scan fingerprint will contain 30-40 minutiae.

Other systems analyse tiny sweat pores on the finger that, in the same way as minutiae, are uniquely positioned. Finger scanning is not immune to environmental disturbance. As the image is captured when the finger is touching the scanner device it is possible that dirt, condition of the skin, pressure and alignment or rotation of the finger all affect the quality of the fingerprint. Furthermore, such methods may be subject to attacks by hackers when biometric features are transferred via Internet.
Source: Ionian University
Author: M.Poulos | E.Magkos | V.Chrissikopoulos | N.Alexandris

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