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Smart Card Security from a Programming Language(Java) and Static Analysis Perspective

Smart Cards:

  • A small embedded computer. Shaped as a credit card or a SIM card.
  • Low processing power (8-bit CPU, 5 MHz clock).
  • Small memory (4 Kb RAM, 16 Kb EEPROM, 64 Kb ROM).
  • Secure (tamper-resistant).
  • Inexpensive (average 3 Euros).

Using smart cards as security tokens:

  • Authentication of the card holder:
    • To have (the card) and to know (a PIN code).
    • Credit cards; SIM cards for GSM; pay TV; electronic locks.
  • Storing sensitive information:
    • Credit cards: number, expiration date, transaction log, …
    • Phone book in SIM cards.
    • Medical data.

Source: INRIA
Author: Xavier Leroy

Download Project and Java Code

Download Project – Implementation of SCOSTA-CL based Smart Card Operating System (SCSOS).pdf

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