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Hospital Management System in C Language

This is a simple Hospital Management System Project in C Language.

Header Files Used:

stdio.h:- Defines types and macros needed for the Standard I/O Package defined in Kernighan and Ritchie and extended under UNIX System V. Defines the standard I/O predefined streams stdin, stdout, stdprn, and stderr, and declares stream-level I/O routines.

stdlib.h:- Declares several commonly used routines: conversion routines, search/sort routines, and  other miscellany.

string.h:- Declares several string- and memory-manipulation routines.

conio.h:- Declares various functions used in calling the DOS console I/O routines.

dos.h:- Defines various constants and gives declarations needed for DOS and 8086-specific calls.

Alloc.h: – to allocate memory at run time.

process.h :- To perform mathematical operations in the code.

Download Hospital Management System Project in C with Source Code

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