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Data Leakage Detection – 2

This paper contains the results of implementation of Data Leakage Detection Model. Currently watermarking technology is being used for the data protection. But this technology doesn’t provide the complete security against date leakage.

This paper includes the difference between the watermarking & data leakage detection model’s technology. This paper leads for the new technique of research for secured data transmission & detection, if it gets leaked.

Data leakage is the big challenge in front of the industries & different institutes. Though there are number of systems designed for the data security by using different encryption algorithms, there is a big issue of the integrity of the users of those systems. It is very hard for any system administrator to trace out the data leaker among the system users. It creates a lot many ethical issues in the working environment of the office.

The data leakage detection industry is very heterogeneous as it evolved out of ripe product lines of leading IT security vendors. A broad arsenal of enabling technologies such as firewalls, encryption, access control, identity management, machine learning content/context based detectors and others have already been incorporated to offer protection against various facets of the data leakage threat.

The competitive benefits of developing a “one-stop-shop”, silver bullet data leakage detection suite is mainly in facilitating effective orchestration of the aforementioned enabling technologies to provide the highest degree of protection by ensuring an optimal fit of specific data leakage detection technologies with the “threat landscape” they operate in. This landscape is characterized by types of leakage channels, data states, users, and IT platforms.
Authors: Sandip A. Kale | S.V.Kulkarni

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