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Chicago: A Multiplayer Card Game based on Client – Server Architecture

Chicago is a game based on a combination of poker and trick card games. We wanted to implement this game as a network based multi user system based on client–server architecture.

To do this we had to create a client that would handle the interaction with the user, and a server that would handle all the clients.

Users should be able to create, join, leave and play a game of Chicago. For the clients we had to create a GUI, handle user interaction and communicate with the server. The server had to be able to manage all the clients and games currently in the system. For every game there had to be a game procedure with specific game logic.

To have the clients and server be able to communicate we had to decide how to structure the data sent. Both the client and server needed to use threads to be able to have multiple actions running at the same time.

When the server and client had been created we tested the system with help of other users which gave us a different degree of feedback that was used to improve the system or gave us ideas for future upgrades.
Source: Karlstad University
Author: Johansson, Simon | Andersson, Hugo

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