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Research Ontology Data Models for Data and Metadata Exchange Repository

For researches in the field of the data mining and machine learning the necessary condition is an availability of various input data set. Now researchers create the databases of such sets. Examples of the following systems are: The UCI Machine Learning Repository, Data Envelopment Analysis Dataset Repository, XMLData Repository, Frequent Itemset Mining Dataset Repository.

Along with above specified statistical repositories, the whole pleiad from simple filestores to specialized repositories can be used by researchers during solution of applied tasks, researches of own algorithms and scientific problems. It would seem, a single complexity for the user will be search and direct understanding of structure of so separated storages of the information.

However detailed research of such repositories leads us to comprehension of deeper problems existing in usage of data. In particular a complete mismatch and rigidity of data files structure with SDMX – Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange – standard and structure used by many European organizations, impossibility of preliminary data origination to the concrete applied task, lack of data usage history for those or other scientific and applied tasks.

Now there are lots of methods of data miming, as well as quantities of data stored in various repositories. In repositories there are no methods of DM (data miming) and moreover, methods are not linked to application areas.

An essential problem is subject domain link (problem domain), methods of DM and datasets for an appropriate method. Therefore in this work we consider the building problem of ontological models of DM methods, interaction description of methods of data corresponding to them from repositories and intelligent agents allowing the statistical repository user to choose the appropriate method and data corresponding to the solved task.

In this work the system structure is offered, the intelligent search agent on ontological model of DM methods considering the personal inquiries of the user is realized.

For implementation of an intelligent data and metadata exchange repository the agent oriented approach has been selected. The model uses the service oriented architecture. Here is used the cross platform programming language Java, multi-agent platform Jadex, database server Oracle Spatial 10g, and also the development environment for ontological models – Protégé Version 3.4.
Source: Växjö University
Author: Kamenieva, Iryna

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