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SDCI: Scalable Distributed Cache Indexing for Cache Consistency for Mobile Environments

In this paper, we suggest a new cache consistency maintenance scheme, namely Scalable distributed cache indexing for Cache Consistency (SDCI), for mobile environments. It mainly depends on 3 key features.

They are: (1) Utilization of standard bits at server and Mobile Node’s cache for maintaining cache consistency; (2) Utilization of Local Cache Standard (LC-standard) for all entries in Mobile Node’s cache after its invalidation for maximizing the broadcast bandwidth efficiency; (3) Making every valid entry of Mobile Node’s cache to whenever it wakes up.

These features make the SDCI a good scalable algorithm with minimum database management overhead. By observing Comprehensive simulation results we can see that the performance of SDCI is superior to those of existing algorithms.
Source: IJRET
Author: G.Lingamaiah, S.G.Nawaz, B.Dhanunjaya, G.Peddi Raju, K.Somasena Reddy

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