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Iris Recognition using Standard Cameras

This master thesis evaluates the use of off-the-shelf standard cameras for biometric identification of the human iris. As demands on secure identification are constantly rising and as the human iris provides with a pattern that is excellent for identification, the use of inexpensive equipment could help iris recognition become a new standard in security systems.

To test the performance of such a system a review of the current state of the research in the area was done and the most promising methods were chosen for evaluation. A test environment based on open source code was constructed to measure the performance of iris recognition methods, image quality and recognition rate.

In this paper the image quality of a database consisting of images from a standard camera is assessed, the most important problem areas identified, and the overall recognition performance measured.

Iris recognition methods found in literature are tested on this class of images. These together with newly developed methods show that a system using standard equipment can be constructed. Tests show that the performance of such a system is promising.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Holmberg, Hans

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