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Doodle Processing System Using Cinder Graphics and Bullet Physics

This Master Thesis proposes a implementation for a doodle system which can scan hand drawn paper doodles using camera into the system and obtain a painting based on doodles impacting on a canvas in the system.

The doodles which are scanned into the system are applied physical effects such as collisions and forces on. The implementation is supported by Cinder Library and Bullet Physics Library

The Cinder used in this thesis is an open source C++ library developed by The Barbarian Group. The doodle system uses multiple draw methods and the framework provided by Cinder to build graphic components and a new system in a quick and efficient way.

The Bullet Physics Library used in this thesis is a professional open source library for physics simulations. The Bullet is integrated into the doodle system as a component which perform physics simulations on doodles.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Wen, Zhang

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