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Voice Mail System for IP Multimedia Sub-system

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) framework as an architectural framework to deliver multimedia services is under rapid development, to become the next generation telecommunication service framework.

The objective of this work is to design an application server for the IMS framework to provide voice mail service to subscribed users. This master thesis contributes to this objective by the development of a prototype of a voicemail application server that integrates into the IMS architecture. Several communication protocols, among them SIP and MEGACO, were implemented for the integration of the application server with the IMS core network.

All implementation was done using Erlang, a language widely used in telecom. After the prototype of the voice mail server was built, it was tested in an IMS simulation environment. The tests confirmed that the basic functionality of the voicemail was successfully implemented and that the integration with the IMS network was satisfactory. In future work the issue of QoS is one that needs to be addressed.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Back, Henrik | Zhao, Ming

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