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Student Database Management (DBMS) Projects using Oracle

Here is a List of Student DBMS projects implemented using Oracle.

Oracle based Student DBMS Project List

  • An Integrated Photogrammetric and Spatial Database Management System
    3D spatial data acquired from aerial and remote sensing images by photogrammetric techniques is one of the most accurate and economic data sources for GIS, map production, and spatial data updating…
  • Optional Projects in the Database Course: Implications for Student Performance in Oracle
    Projects are a common component in the database course in MIS curricula. A project normally requires students to define and manipulate a database in a commercially available DBMS such as Microsoft Access and/or Oracle. This paper examines the role of such projects in the database course, specifically when the project is optional and not counted in the student’s course grade. The course is described and implications for student performance are examined…
  • Distributed University Registration Database System using Oracle 9i
    In database and information systems, increasing attention has been focused lately on parallel and distributed database systems. The future of large database systems lies into the realm of distributed computing. The main reason for this is that distributed computing can be constructed at a low cost without the need for any specialized technology, using existing sequential computers and relatively cheap computer networks…

Other DBMS Projects for Students

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