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Smart Coat with a Fully-Embedded Textile Antenna for IoT Applications


The Internet of Things (IoT) scenario is strongly related with the advance of the development of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. Additionally, in the WSN context, for a continuous feed, the integration Continue reading

A Probabilistic Approach to RFID-based Localization for Human-Robot Interaction in Social Robotics


This paper describes a novel strategy to Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tag detection for human–robot interaction (HRI) purposes. The anisotropic detection pattern of the RFID reader antenna is combined with a probabilistic algorithm to obtain Continue reading

Design and Implementation of a RF Powering Circuit for RFID Tags or Other Batteryless Embedded Devices


A RF powering circuit used in radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and other batteryless embedded devices is presented in this paper. The RF powering circuit harvests energy from electromagnetic waves and converts the RF energy Continue reading

The Design of RFID Convey or Belt Gate Systems Using an Antenna Control Unit


This paper proposes an efficient management system utilizing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) antenna control unit which is moving along with the path of boxes of materials on the conveyor belt by manipulating a motor. The proposed antenna Continue reading