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Study of comparison of OCS and Hybrid switching in FSO data centers


With the increase in big data applications, it has become the need of the hour to handle data efficiently to handle the growing traffic in the data centers. The popular mechanism is parallel processing using commodity hardware hence it is becoming Continue reading

Development of High Strength Nano-silica Modified Rubbercrete


Several research works have been carried out to study properties of concrete containing crumb rubber (rubbercrete) as a partial replacement to fine aggregate. Rubbercrete exhibits numerous benefits compared to conventional concrete such as lower Continue reading

A Robust Wireless Mesh Access Environment For Mobile Video Users


The rapid advances in networking technology have enabled large-scale deployments of online video streaming services in today’s Internet. In particular, wireless Internet access technology has been one of the most transforming and empowering technologies Continue reading

Extension to MAC 802.11 for performance improvement in MANET


In the last few years, the exploit of ad hoc wireless networks has increased thanks to their commercial and military potential. An application of wireless ad hoc networks is Bluetooth technology, which allows wireless communication among different devices Continue reading