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A New Cellular Architecture for Information Retrieval from Sensor Networks through Embedded Service and Security Protocols


Substantial changes have occurred in the Information Technology (IT) sectors and with these changes, the demand for remote access to field sensor information has increased. This allows visualization, monitoring, and control through various electronic Continue reading

Dependence-based Source Level Tracing and Replay for Net worked Embedded Systems


Error detection and diagnosis for networked embedded systems remain challenging and tedious due to issues such as a large number of computing entities, hardware resource constraints, and non-deterministic behaviors. The run-time checking is often Continue reading

Multi-Robot Cluster Control


Robotic systems, when used in real world situations, often have many control modes that need to be switched between in real time. These control modes may be addressing the robots in many different ways and may be executing in different locations. Continue reading

Cardiac catheter control using actuator wire


The main goal of this research is to design a snake-like robot arm to provide control of a cardiac catheter for use in endovascular aortic repair that is small, cheap, and easy to use. This will help increase the number of aortic aneurysms eligible Continue reading